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Future Fixers

Nuture plantWe live in a world where governments are declaring a climate emergency and students are campaigning against climate change, where the market for second-hand clothes is growing faster than that for fast fashion, and where people are turning away from the ‘throw away’ society.

Future Fixers thinks it’s time to do business differently.

Future Fixers is a purposeful business start-up programme where you will learn how to make a profitable business (full-time or part-time) whilst having a positive impact on the planet and on people, and it all starts with you.

It is a start-up programme with a difference for people who want to make a difference.

In addition to gaining the skills and knowledge necessary to run an ethical enterprise based on the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit, participants will be able to develop the self-awareness, resilience and resourcefulness needed for the exciting journey ahead.

Are you a potential Future Fixer?

Future Fixers is looking for enthusiastic and motivated young people (aged 18 – 35 yrs) who have an idea, even just the spark of an idea, which could have a positive impact on our planet.

No formal qualifications or experience are needed. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve finished studying at university, dropped out of college, are unemployed or want to make a career change, we’d love to hear about your idea.

Protect plantThe Programme

During the twelve week programme you will benefit from the peer support of others in your group and opportunities to collaborate as well as some one–to-one sessions with the course facilitators. The content will include the following:

  • The support and guidance you need to make your business idea a reality.
  • The chance to connect with a mentor in your chosen field who is already doing good business, and who can pass on tips to you.
  • Encouragement to set goals that will truly inspire you (and get you out of bed in the mornings!)
  • Advice on business planning, finance, marketing and time management.
  • The chance to develop your interpersonal effectiveness, essential to running a successful business.
  • The knowledge and understanding you need to ‘get out of your own way’ and make a success of your life.
  • Access to a free workspace
  • Opportunities to sell your product or service and to network with key influencers

In addition to the above, you will have the chance to learn about the award winning Functional Fluency Model of Human Social Behaviour and the associated TIFF actometric which will help enhance what you already do well, and give you the understanding you need to communicate more effectively, and to transform patterns of behaviour that don’t work well.  The Functional Fluency model has proven to be effective in similar environments before such as at Cornwall School for Social Entrepreneurs where participants gave this feedback:

If you hadn’t done TIFF what would you have missed?

  • A better understanding of how others see me, and how to change so that I come across in the right way to help my business.
  • Opportunity to be more aware of my own patterns of behaviour, and how not to repeat those that don’t work so well.
  • Feeling a true confidence in my positive skills and behaviours and not just thinking I’m ‘bigging myself up’.

What would you recommend TIFF for?

  • It’s so important to be doing personal development alongside business development.  It shows how your behaviour affects relationships, both personal and professional.
  • So useful to look at whole picture of yourself and from that see how you work with other people, understand each other and build relationships that work for your enterprise.
  • Giving a framework for personal development, to see how to balance your energy and increase efficiency.

So when and where can you take part?

The first Future Fixers Programme will run for 12 weeks on Wednesday afternoons, 2pm – 5pm, starting on September 18th and finishing on December 11th (with a break after 6 weeks) and will be based in the centre of Kendal.

Who are we?

There will be two main facilitators on the Programme:

David Brown: Coach and Trainer

As a coach and trainer, I aim to connect you to your potential so that you can communicate more effectively and transform patterns of behaviour that don’t work well.

Karen Bentley-Brown: Ethical Business Development Consultant: Founder of Simply Repair South Lakes:

I’ve been helping businesses and charities to thrive for over 20 years and I am passionate about helping people to grow purposeful businesses.

There will also be some guest speakers and other expert workshop facilitators involved in the Programme.


Thanks to our fabulous funders, Great Place Lakes and Dales, the programme is FREE for six young people living in the following post code areas: BD23, BD24, LA2, LA6, LA10, LA8, LA9, LA23, LA22

If you live outside these postcode areas and would like to apply for a place please talk to us as we have a couple of subsidised places available at £350 each.

We ask everyone to commit to the full 12 weeks. Without funding, the cost of the Programme would be £1,450 per person and it is likely to be a life-changing opportunity for those who take part.

How to apply

Please answer the following questions in your own way. This could be a letter, a video or other visual representation (whatever you’re most comfortable with):

  1. Who you are?
  2. What is your idea?
  3. How will it help the planet?
  4. Why do you want to be a Future Fixer?

Feel free to give us a call first if you would like to chat through your idea.

Your idea might be for a repair or up-cycling enterprise, a zero-waste or sharing initiative; whatever it is we very much look forward to hearing from you.

Email your application to Karen (see below) including your name, address (with postcode), phone number and date of birth and two referees.

The deadline for applications is 12noon on Fri 23rd August 2019, HOWEVER, we will not wait until after the deadline to inform all successful applicants; places will be offered on a rolling basis. You will receive a response within a week of your application.


Karen: mobile: 07854 751169 email:

Dave: mobile 07837 023580 email:

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