Business Support

Martyn Staveley from 3 Peaks Consulting Limited

Martyn has worked across supply chains in the UK and Internationally for over 30 years.

He brings an understanding of how to access new markets and opportunities having supported both UK and International clients across multiple sectors, a significant portion of this involves entering new supply chains for the first time.

He has worked in businesses that have been Framework contractors in the Public Sector, supported clients to respond to other public sector contracts and win work worth over £3m recently.  His experience extends into the commercial sector, supporting clients to respond to and bid for work on major projects in the UK and abroad. He has a pragmatic approach to looking at the opportunities in supply chains, agreeing a strategy, identifying where best to focus efforts and how to respond to the questions posed within all procurement.  Martyn has also worked with clients at major exhibitions and conferences, organised meet the buyer events and supported clients with one-to-one meetings with buyers.