Business Support

Glyn Griffiths

What was your background before becoming an adviser and what industry experience do you have?

I’ve been an adviser since December 2020. Prior to that I was an adviser for about 20 years.

My industry experience is as a financial analyst and I’ve worked for places such as Shell and British Telecom International. I had big company experience before moving north with my family. I then became an adviser working mainly in corporate finance helping companies to raise money.

Areas of specialism/interest

Being a financial analyst – what I really enjoyed doing was helping companies improve their profitability and performance. So, looking at factory or business capacity to ensure that they’re focusing on making the business as profitable as possible.

Why did you become a business adviser? How long have you been an adviser/self employed?

I moved up to Cumbria just over 20 years ago and that’s when I became a business adviser and also self-employed.

I worked with West Cumbria Development Agency, and then with Business Link. When Business Link was closed down I started working with the Growth Accelerator Programme.

What do you most enjoy about the role?

I think it’s helping people, and helping them get to where they want to go, and also pointing out where they could go. Sometimes it’s really helping businesses raise the bar rather than just taking a mediocre approach to their business.

Your biggest success to date as an adviser?

I don’t really think in terms of ‘biggest’ success. But I’ve worked with and done financial reviews of some of the biggest companies, and some of the smallest in Cumbria.

My biggest success is working with people who achieve their aims, that’s what I see as success which isn’t necessarily a financial success.

What have you learned being an adviser?

The main thing is the need to listen. And not to pre-judge people. It’s very easy to form a pre-conceived view of someone and their business but when you get there it’s totally different.

What type of businesses have been able to support and what support did you offer?

Most financial support in terms of companies wanting to funding for business projects. Or people wanting to understand their finances.

3 interesting facts about you

  • I’ve spent 2 years travelling around the world
  • I’ve worked in a brewery in Australia
  • I’ve also been a gardener