Export Communication Review


Export Communication Review

Helping you improve your business communications with both English and non-English speaking export markets.

Addressing global business communications, DIT’s Export Communication Review (ECR) can help you improve communications with both English and non-English speaking export markets by reviewing all aspects of communication with them.

What do I get?

The ECR consultant can review all written and spoken communications with a specific overseas market or they can focus on particular export activities.

You’ll receive a customised report to help you improve overseas trade including:

  • A table of strengths and weaknesses of current communications against international best practice (addressing written, telephone, face to face and electronic communications)
  • Tailored and practical recommendations, summarised in a business action plan
  • Information about possible suppliers and costs to implement the recommendations
  • How-to guides, with more detailed advice on how to implement recommendations.

What sort of communications can it cover?

The key documents and processes covered by the review include:

Key documents and processes that can be managed by ECR include:

  • Press releases and promotional materials, technical documentation and manuals, catalogues and packaging for international audiences
  • Preparation for and representation at an overseas trade show or exhibition
  • Preparation for a presentation to an international audience
  • Improving relationships with overseas agents and distributors
  • International sales and invoicing processes
  • Systems for handling foreign phone calls and emails
  • Training of overseas staff; language training needs in the UK and recruitment of export staff
  • International website strategy.

More help with exporting?

To access or find out more contact Lesley Robinson:

Email: lesleyr@cumbriachamber.co.uk

Tel: 0844 257 8450