Business Support

Ben Hickman from Adnovar

Ben is an executive coach, strategic consultant and investor working with small business owners in Cumbria to help them achieve their ambitions and enjoy their business adventure!

Now that a management team runs Alterline for Ben on a day-to-day basis, he uses his time and energy to support other small business owners. Unlike many business advisers, Ben doesn’t have a corporate background but has built a small business from the kitchen table up. He also has a Level 7 (master’s level) qualification in Business Mentoring and Executive Coaching from the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM).

Ben has the expertise to help with growth planning, marketing strategy, team development, creating the right culture, cash flow and profit, and all of the day-to-day challenges small businesses bring! He is also a trained coach with the skills and tools needed to help you move forward with your own personal development, whether that’s self-confidence, relationships with colleagues, imposter syndrome etc.

Ben approaches work (and life) with enthusiasm, passion and a sense of adventure. He knows first-hand the realities of running a small business. Clients describe him as relaxed and friendly, and welcome the fact that he can gently push them out of their comfort zone to make the changes they know are needed.

Based just North of Carlisle, Ben is a keen walker and can be found travelling trails of Cumbria. The rest of his time is spent cooking, exploring, playing or adventuring with his wife and three young children.