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Be the Business

Be the Business is bringing together companies large and small to make the UK home to the most ambitious firms in the world.

Whether it’s finding new ways to incentivise and engage with your staff, taking an honest look at your own leadership and management style or investing in the kind of tools and technology that will help prepare your business for the next stage, there is no better way to tackle these kinds of challenges than by collaborating with others who have done it all before.

By establishing a national business mentor programme, partnering with business schools and industry to make executive education more accessible or uniting localised communities of businesses through a common desire to share and learn, this is just the start of a national drive to improve Britain’s competitiveness and help us thrive on a world stage.

Better and more confident leaders are more likely to invest in their business, export for the first time or introduce innovative working practices – and Be the Business is there to help.

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