Business Support

Claire Louise Chapman

What was your background before becoming an adviser and what industry experience do you have?

I’ve been an adviser about a year now, my background is a bit of an eclectic mix. I’ve worked for SMEs, public sector and before I started my own consultancy I was working in the third sector running a mental health charity.

Areas of specialism/interest

I’ve worked for myself for around 2 and half years and I specialise in social value which is essentially the government’s form of sustainability. I help organisations understand how to do business with public sector supply chain, especially around that social value agenda.

I support businesses with general business advice, business development, elements of marketing and supply chain.

Why did you become a business adviser? How long have you been an adviser/self employed?

I enjoy working with organisations. Essentially, I’m a consultant, I’m a business mentor, a trained mentor.

What do you most enjoy about the role?

It’s really nice to meet people who are enthusiastic about what they do and when working with business owners you always get that.

Your biggest success to date as an adviser?

I’m a fairly new adviser but I think the most interesting business I’ve worked with is Windermere Tuk Tuks who’s a start-up. The last thing we talked about was to go down to Glastonbury and take Tuk Tuks to the festival which would be amazing.

What have you learned being an adviser?

Always expect the unexpected! It’s really interesting because you think you might be talking about something and then you find yourself talking about something completely different.

Another key thing is that because they’re a number of advisers with the Chamber, there’s always somebody that knows something that could help! There are people there with different specialisms that can help.

What type of businesses have been able to support and what support did you offer?

Generally, if there’s a business that wants to work in public sector I will talk them through how to do business with the public sector like, how tendering works, how public sector buys services, how to look for opportunity.

3 interesting facts about you

  • I used to be a Viking (you can work out where I worked to be a Viking!)
  • I’ve paraglided in the Himalayas
  • I learnt Russian in school which I’ve not used since I was 16 – but I’ve always wanted to go!