Business Support

Gail Gravett from Gravett Business Consultancy

I am an experienced Business Mentor and Adviser, having worked with over 200 businesses since 2015 in association with Cumbria Chamber of Commerce. This work involves working with individuals who have great business ideas and I help to channel their thoughts and ideas into realistic & viable strategic business plans for launch and growth. I also love working with business owners to bring a work/life balance back into their lives.

I have recently achieved ILM5 in Business Mentoring, graduating in October 2023. Previous to 2018 I ran my own hospitality business in Cumbria for 18 years and was a successful manager in BT integrating communications and IT systems, process change and marketing.

I am committed to Business Mentoring and currently support businesses across the country through Help to Grow, BetheBusiness and The Growing Club in Lancaster. My original degree was in Environmental Science and I am keen to look at all aspects of our impact on the Environment.

I am a Mum with 2 adult children. I play golf every Tuesday, swim on a regular basis and I love all types of music, books and gardening.

I look forward to growing Business Mentoring in Cumbria and enabling our business owners to grow and develop.