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Supply Chain

Grow your business, connect with your industry’s supply chain, overcome barriers and be part of a sustainable supply chain.

Even the most well-prepared SME may find it difficult to secure contracts from large organisations.

Large organisations are often bureaucratic, structured and complex in their business processes but they also represent a huge business opportunity for SME supply chain.

Access to free professional advisers, sources of funding and guidance to help with your supply chain journey at a time and place convenient to you!

Therefore it is equally important that large organisations recognise the benefits SME supply chain can contribute to the success of their business by bringing with them assets such as innovation and skills. To open up opportunity within the supply chain, large organisations need to engage with SMEs and communicate in SME-friendly language.

How can the supply chain gateway support your business growth?

Our supply chain gateway has been set up to give you access to business opportunities in the county. We can also provide you with a variety of support such as:

  • Free access to our team of professional advisers
  • Free Online Training
  • Access to sources of funding
  • Training courses to help with every aspects of your supply chain journey
  • Networking opportunities to help you connect with the right people
  • Information in a variety of format i.e webinars, videos, podcasts, factsheets, case studies
  • Dedicated online forum to share and exchange ideas

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Cumbria Business Growth Hub will include information on how best to engage with the Careers Hub, schools and colleges as part of Social Value, in its supply chain resources and activities and will request other ERBs and business support organisations do similar.