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Copeland Skills & Enterprise Partnership

The Copeland Skills and Enterprise Partnership, consists of 24+ local providers who deliver support to Copeland residents with training, employment and enterprise related skills. During 2023 – 2026, the Partnership is delivering a programme of support consisting of the following work streams:


This workstream will provide support to employers where there is a requirement to close skills gaps within their business and/or develop a pipeline of work ready workers with specific skill sets. The workstream will be employer driven and could incorporate sort or longer term development programmes at a range of levels.


Through wage subsidies and employee training opportunities, this workstream will enable business and enterprise to grow faster and develop employee skill-sets in line with business needs and addressing skills gaps where relevant. The wage subsidy will be available to small/medium employers based within Copeland and contribute to employee’s wage and training expenses for up to 26 weeks.

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This workstream will focus on business and enterprise development, with a strong focus on addressing skills gaps enabling businesses to grow. There will be a close connection to other Programme workstreams, that will provide the necessary support to upskill potential entrepreneurs and individuals preparing for self-employment.


This workstream will equip participants at different stages on their pathway, as they prepare for either work or enterprise. Participants will be encouraged to: develop their abilities in ‘skill gap’ areas highlighted by employers such as leadership, teamwork and public speaking; access pre-employment interventions to improve confidence, motivation and aspiration; engage in work experience interventions such as volunteering to develop work related skills and qualities; engage in activities to support the development of numeracy, literacy and digital skills. Some of the interventions will be bespoke and be tailored towards specific client groups such as older jobseekers (over 50’s) or claimants with health conditions or disabilities. Activities will be designed in conjunction with partners, and encourage the pooling of resources.



This workstream will focus on addressing financial barriers faced by participants trying to progress on their employability pathway. Small pots of funding are available to: access employment related training courses; purchase equipment for online learning; or to develop knowledge and skills to support a new enterprise or business,

The latest three-year Programme is jointly funded by Copeland Community Fund & Sellafield Ltd.


Contact details for the Copeland Skills and Enterprise Partnership is: Chris Cunliffe, Copeland Skills and Enterprise Officer, Email: