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Free Webinar – Emerging from Lockdown/Furlough – Key Employment Law Issues to Consider with Michael Bauer of Cumbria Employment Solicitors – 3rd February

February 3-10:00 am - 11:30 am

Cost to members: Free – £12

Looking Ahead As employers, you have endured nearly 12 months of constant change and challenge as you have adapted to the damage caused by COVID-19. For many organisations, it has taken unprecedented adaptability and resilience to come this far. Hopefully, the vaccine promises a gradual return to stability and may allow you to look a little further ahead than has been possible for much of the last year. You may be starting to consider what steps need to be taken…

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Practical Guidance on Handling Redundancies Effectively – Online Training Session with Michael Bauer of Cumbria Employment Solicitors, 11 February 2021

February 11-10:00 am - 2:30 pm

Cost to members: £95 – £145

Planning Ahead Since March 2020, employers have faced constant challenge and change that has demanded unprecedented adaptability and resilience. Fingers crossed, the vaccination process heralds a gradual return to more stability and, while normality (whatever that is these days) may still be a way off, many organisations are beginning to consider what steps they need to take to ensure that they are best able to move forwards as lockdown restrictions and furlough support subside. Unfortunately, this many organisations are considering…

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Free Webinar – Your Covid Legacy: How to ‘ethically’ embrace, evolve and realign your business to the current Covid world, and beyond… – with Adam Thorp of The Brand Chap, 17th February 2021

February 17-10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Cost to members: Free – £12

Irrelevant of what 2020 threw at us, all of us have been affected in one way or another. Irrelevant how prosperous we were or weren’t, almost everyone lost a little bit of themselves in the process. However, what we’ve lost doesn’t have to define us, our businesses or our futures. Many of Adam’s ‘Catapult’ clients have managed to pivot, implement and thrive within 2020, with some creating alternative revenue streams that have now overtaken the entire initial business. Some of…

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Online Training Session – Managing the Return to Work After Lockdown/Furlough and HR Issues and Solutions When Working from Home – With Michael Bauer of Cumbria Employment Solicitors – 25th February 2021 – Cumbria Chamber of Commerce

February 25-10:00 am - 1:30 pm

Cost to members: £95 – £145

Challenges Ahead As the lockdown restrictions and furlough support subside over the coming months, the future challenges facing employers are difficult to predict precisely. Many employers will be managing the return to work of staff who have been furloughed (some for a long time) and some employers are likely to have staff who will continue working from home. Different HR and employment law issues/solutions arise in both these scenarios. This training will provide guidance on these two distinct situations that…

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