Trade Finance and Insurance Solutions


Trade Finance and insurance solutions

UK Export Finance is the government department that works with companies, banks and overseas buyers to support UK exports and investments across the world. A North West based Export Finance Adviser is available to advise you on how to finance your exports and mitigate your credit risk – whatever your business.

Services include:

  • Export Insurance policy – An Insurance policy for a UK exporter that covers them against non-payment of an export contract. The policy covers costs incurred should your customer become insolvent before the goods are delivered or if they fail to pay due to specified political, economic or administrative events.
  • Bond Support Scheme – A guarantee provided to a bank to help the exporter arrange the issue of a bond to an overseas buyer, potentially improving your cash flow. It covers most types of contract bond.
  • Bond Insurance Policy – An insurance policy provided direct to a UK exporter to protect against a demand for payment under a bond which is unfair or caused by political events.
  • Export Working Capital Scheme – A guarantee provided to a bank, so the bank can help you to finance the working capital you might need to deliver an export contract.
  • Letter of Credit Guarantee Scheme – A guarantee to a bank which enables a UK bank to confirm a letter of credit – one of the safest ways to ensure that you receive payment.
  • Buyer and Supplier Credit Facilities – A guarantee provided to a bank that enables it to make a loan to the overseas buyer of a UK export which is repayable over two years or more. The UK exporter is paid out of the loan for amounts payable under the export contract when due. This assures the exporter of receiving payment.
  • Direct Lending Facility – A new product that will see UKEF provide buyer credit loans directly to overseas buyers to enable them to purchase UK Exports.

For more information on any of the above, contact Steve Cowles, Export Finance Adviser for the North West by email or by phone 07966308452.

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