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Supply Chain

Sizewell C Supply Chain

Sizewell C is a landmark project to plan, design and build two nuclear reactors on the East Coast of Suffolk, which will generate 7% of the UK’s energy, with a capacity of 3,260 MWh.

Some of the UK’s biggest construction and nuclear firms have pledged to invest around £2.5 billion pounds in the north of England as part of plans for Sizewell C.

Given the commitment to place a very significant percentage of the work in the north of England, Sizewell C are engaging through Cumbria Chamber of Commerce with a partnership of Cumbrian stakeholders who are leading on this for the north. Alongside Cumbria Chamber this partnership includes All Together CUMBRIA, Britain’s Energy Coast Business Cluster, and Cumbria LEP .

Building The Sizewell C Supply Chain: ‘Meeting the commitments in the North of England’

This event took place on Wednesday 5th July at North Lakes Hotel, Penrith. Representatives from Sizewell C along with Cumbria Chamber and other stakeholders addressed over 100 local businesses on various aspects of the supply chain with an extensive Q&A session at the end. Download the slides and Q&A below:

Sizewell C Supply Chain Opportunities Portal

Sizewell C regularly post tender opportunities on their CompeteFor account which can be accessed here. Businesses who are interested should register to receive updates.

Sizewell C website

For more information on Sizewell C’s procurement strategy and required services click here.