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Box Encapsulation Plant (BEP) Project

Supply Chain Opportunities

The BEP Delivery team are keen to ensure supply chain opportunities are made readily available through a number of channels.

The Cumbria Business Growth Hub team are keen to provide business support to suppliers looking to engage and work with the BEP team.

To help you get started with your supply chain journey, the Growth Hub team have pulled together upcoming opportunities on the BEP project with business and training support. Find out what support is available.

Download the slides to your desktop as a PDF file

See the Builder’s Profile website which provides a useful Pre-Qualification tool.

Procurement packages are advertised online via Contracts Finder and Britain’s Energy Coast Business Cluster Opportunities Page (Listed as BEP Delivery Team).

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BEP Delivery Team Socio-Economic Guide

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BEP Supply Chain Day July 2017

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BEP Fabrication Framework

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