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Innovia Films

Innovia Films – Supply chain pilot case study

Innovia Films is a manufacturer and supplier of speciality polypropylene and cellulose films for product packaging, labelling and over wrapping applications. The company relies upon a complex global supply chain encompassing raw materials, goods and services. Contractors and suppliers are a key element of their success and they consider it essential that suppliers understand and are able to meet their long term needs.

In this case study we explore how the company operate and manage its supply chain. We engaged with senior procurement staff to build a picture of particular strategies and methods the company uses to maintain quality and efficiency as well as continuity of supply across all its business activities.

What is the overall procurement strategy at Innovia Films?

Innovia has developed its procurement strategy on a simple model based around managing risks, adding value and providing opportunity for growth.

Innovia’s procurement strategy centres around Risks, Value and Growth.

Ian Robinson, Procurement Director for Innovia talks about Risks, Value and Growth and their impact on supply chain.