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New Suppliers

Shaun Lees, Quality Manager at BEP discusses the importance of Integrated Management Systems and Quality Management Systems.

There are many different capabilities and standards looked for in new suppliers, dependent on the scope of work that you’re hoping to deliver.

Firstly, you need an independently certified IMS (Integrated Management System) or QMS (Quality Management System).

The CQR (Contract Quality Requirements) is a supporting document which details the quality requirements expected when working for Sellafield – you will find some useful guidance information on the Sellafield website.

These support the ISO 9000 which is just one of the accredited systems.

Equally, SQEP – Suitably Qualified Experienced Personnel – is a qualification also supported by experience.

Those levels of experience are determined by the role that you will be delivering on-site.

Succession plans are also important, with a business continuity plan for those resources.

If the workload were to grow, for instance, would you have the capability within the organisation to flex and still deliver?

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The BEP supply chain team genuinely want to see as many local businesses as possible, so if you think your product or service meets the criteria set out on these pages, then they’d love to hear from you …