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Pirelli Carlisle is an SUV centre of excellence producing some of the most advanced SUV tyres.

Pirelli is well recognised for supplying tyres for Formula One and has a strong global presence in the tyre market.

Pirelli has an excellent range of products and has strong partnerships with the world’s leading Premium and Prestige vehicle manufacturers.

Pirelli, Carlisle
Pirelli, Carlisle

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From this plant it’s predominately larger-sized speciality SUV tyres that are produced. The marques supplied from Carlisle include Audi, Jaguar Land Rover, Mercedes, Porsche and Volvo.

Pirelli’s R&D Team work with the world’s leading Premium and Prestige car manufacturers to develop bespoke products, tailor made to the exact requirements of their individual vehicles.

This is why many of the tyres produced in Carlisle are actually “Marked Tyres”; the marking denotes the vehicle the tyre has been specifically designed for – for example “LR” for Land Rover, “MO” for Mercedes and “N” for Porsche.

This personalisation ensures maximum performance and safety, which is needed to match the increasing levels of technology and power that the latest cars and SUV’s demand.

About Pirelli

Founded in 1872, Pirelli is one of the world’s major tyre operators in terms of sales.

With a commercial presence in more than 160 countries, the group counts 20 production sites in the world and employs about 37,000 people.

Pirelli is also a leader in the production of high and very high end tyres, thanks to its commitment to R & D, an area in which is annually invests about 3% of revenues, one of the highest levels in the tyre sector, with the goal of constant improvement of performance and safety and the containment of environmental impact.

Present in sporting competitions since 1907, Pirelli is the exclusive supplier for the World Superbike championship and many prestigious single marque championships, but above all of the Formula 1 championship for which it has been the sole supplier since 2011.

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