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Supply Chain


At Booths, they’ve built a reputation on sourcing great quality, unique local produce and backing their suppliers.

They rely on people like you, and they understand that in order to stay ahead of their competitors they have to keep sourcing the best.

All their fruit and vegetables are sourced locally when in season.

If you are a grower with a unique story to tell then they would love to hear from you. Do you have a product you think they might be interested in selling in their stores?

That’s why they’ve developed the information on the Growth Hub website and it is also available on the Booths website. It’s to give you, their potential suppliers, every opportunity to secure a meeting with them. They’ve included all the information you need, plus they’ve set up an easy online application form for you to tell them a bit about what you do.

Working with Booths

The Growth Hub team are working with Booths to provide you with business support to help you get yourself ‘retail ready’.

If getting retail ready is what you are looking for come and talk to the Growth Hub team, email or call us on 0844 257 84 50.

Successful applicants will be invited to a ‘meet the buyer’ event held every 3 months. The date of the next ‘meet the buyer’ event can be found here.

Booths genuinely want to see as many interesting food and drink businesses as possible, so if you think your product is good enough to be sold at Booths, then they’d love to hear from you.

The buying team at Booths is relatively small but their specialist buyers are experts in their product categories.

It was a really well organised event and certainly challenged some of the perceptions I had. My samples and details were passed to Pete Newton, the beer buyer, who liked both the beer and the packaging. I have a meeting with him in early March to see how we can progress. So thank you so much for your support and I will keep you posted on how things develop – Graeme Mitchell, Tractor Shed Brewing

The buyers are supported by a strong team of category managers, buying assistants and stock controllers.

At Booths, they excel at offering their customers a range of food and drink made by people with passion and skill.

Booths Delicatesseen
Booths Delicatesseen

They are extremely proud of the relationship they’ve built with their suppliers – it’s one built on trust, integrity and an unwavering commitment to quality.

With your help, they aim to offer their customers the best possible products they can find.

Call the Growth Hub on 0844 257 84 50 for your business support and training needs to help you get your business retail ready.

Booths acknowledge that as a commercial organisation they need to make a profit, but they take steps to ensure that this isn’t at the expense of supplier sustainability or customer satisfaction.

They’ve adopted an honest and fair approach with all their suppliers, sharing sales information to build a long-term relationship based on trust.