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Step 3 : Review & Meeting Invitation

European Regional Development Fund

Stage Three: Review and Meeting Invitation

After you’ve sent your application to Booths, it will be reviewed and a response will be sent via email within 10 days of receipt.

If your application meets Booth’s criteria you will receive an invitation to attend their ‘meet the buyer’ event where you’ll get a meeting with the relevant buyer.

Need help with your presentation skills? Want to make sure you are ‘retail ready’?  Call the Growth Hub on 0844 257 84 50 and our team will help you to achieve a positive result. 

They’ll also include some guidance notes on what they recommend you bring along to give you the best chance of a positive result.

If you’re not successful in securing a meeting, Booths will explain the reasons why.

Why not give the Growth Hub team a call even if you are unsuccessful. We may be able to help you get your business ‘retail ready’ for future opportunities.