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What does Supply Chain mean to you?

The importance of supply chains to organisations

We have already established that a supply chain consists of a network of individuals, organisations, resources, activities and technology working together in the creation of a product.

The integration of these complex network of people, activities and technology to ensure the process runs smoothly and efficiently is key to timely and cost effective delivery of a product. It is therefore important for large organisations to ensure their suppliers and contractors are able to provide the materials and services when required.

Recognising the importance of the role of SMEs, we aim to provide you with useful information through case studies, various interactive channels such as podcasts and webinars, broadcasts of events and links to industry partners. In addition, there is a range of supporting information and interactive tools to take SMEs through the journey.

SMEs contribute around 33% of the UK’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). As suppliers of materials or services to large organisations, SMEs contribution to the supply chain is pivotal to the success of the supply chain.

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