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Innovate UK EDGE

Innovate UK EDGE is a key part of the UK innovation agency’s investment in the innovative businesses that drive economic growth.

Innovators are motivated to improve the ways we live and work. We support those building scalable businesses to achieve their goals, in every sector and from seed to scale stage.

Innovate UK EDGE work closely with leadership teams to create the conditions for each business to succeed and bring the benefits of their innovation to national and international audiences. Since 2015 they have been empowering clients to grow and scale their businesses through actionable advice, access to vital resources and opportunities to enhance their abilities.

Their Innovation Specialists will work with businesses to embrace change and adopt new strategies for growth and sustainable innovation. This will help them increase their R&D innovation capability, launch new solutions and implement a robust and resilient business model for the international markets.

Services include up to 9 days of 1-2-1 coaching and mentoring support, to selected innovative businesses.

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