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Association of Business Mentors (ABM) – Championing professional business mentoring across the UK

The Association of Business Mentors (ABM) is the professional association for business mentors in the UK, working to improve and professionalise business mentoring.  Through member training and accountability, the ABM provides access to highly experienced business mentors and coaches and promotes the value and benefit of engaging professional business mentors to the UK business community.

ABM mentors work with businesses of all shapes and sizes across all sectors to guide and support business owners with the opportunities and challenges they face.

To become an ABM member, individuals must have started, run or owned a business, or played a significant operational role in such a business. Alternatively, individuals should have managed a significant business unit or profit centre in a large corporate. This means that business owners seeking business mentors can be confident in the quality and high standard of the mentoring they receive from an ABM mentor.

Why use a professional business mentor?

Because the results are clear -70% of businesses which work with a mentor survive five or more years; 97% of businesses which work with a mentor say they are invaluable.

The benefits of working with an ABM professional business mentor are numerous and include:

  • Providing the business owner with fresh insights and sharing ideas on all aspects of the business.
  • Helping with growth, strategy, sales and marketing, personnel, financials and much more.
  • Working as a ‘sounding board’ to support the business owner.
  • Using hindsight from the mentor’s experience to avoid poor decisions and fast track success.
  • Providing accountability for the business owner.
  • Focusing on the positives of the business – and avoiding the pitfalls.
  • Overcoming barriers and focusing on opportunities – use the mentor’s experience and contacts.

The ABM will help businesses find a professional business mentor with the skills and experience to help them on their business journey to success and profitability.

To find out more about the ABM and the benefits of business mentoring, please take a look at our leaflet here, or our website: