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In-house Training Available

In-house import/export training available.

The provision of technical advice relating to HMRC requirements for traders, be they importers and/or exporters, is in the process of undergoing significant change, and is now a major part of Chamber international trade activities.

HMRC has clearly stated that traders must be fully compliant with Customs Import and Export Procedures and documentary requirements. However, traders also need access to significant levels of advice and expertise in order to maintain full compliance with HMRC requirements.

Cumbria Chamber is providing Customs & Trade Compliance Audits to enable companies to review their export and import practices and procedures. These audits are in line with HMRC requirements concerning Customs compliance in international trade procedures, and ensure that the companies can adhere to Customs & VAT regulations and procedural requirements.

Further, if you are required to obtain an EU VAT Number, or even an EU EORI Number, Cumbria Chamber can also help with these applications as well. Companies in the region have already applied for EU VAT Numbers and have been granted these without problem.

If you have doubts or uncertainties as to whether your company is compliant based on present export and import practices, or if you are seeking to make your company more efficient in terms of import and export activities, do not wait to encounter delays with your shipments, or be assessed for excess Import Duty and VAT, or even be faced with your customers paying more import duties, take action NOW.

For more information or to access support please contact Catherynn Dunstan –