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Case study: Happy Wellbeing

Lina Karpocheva was supported by the New Enterprise Allowance (NEA) to start her own hypnotherapy business, Happy Wellbeing. Two years on, we check in to see how things are going…

Lina found her calling in hypnotherapy after experiencing a life-changing transformation as a client.

For years she had suffered from chronic pain and had been told by medical professionals after countless treatments that she had to live with it. Not wanting to give up, Lina started attending hypnotherapy sessions and to her amazement, she was cured within just one month! This experience inspired her to delve deeper into the field.

She took a ten-month course with subsequent refresher courses, read numerous books on the subject, and attended workshops to expand her knowledge. At first, she practiced on volunteers before transitioning to charging clients for her services.

In 2021, Lina took the bold step of starting her own hypnotherapy business. To support her during this period, she applied for the NEA. Funded by DWP and administered by Cumbria Business Growth Hub, the NEA supported people on Jobseeker’s Allowance to start their own businesses. The delivery of Lina’s support was handled by our partner, Blue Orchid.

“[NEA] was a massive help. They gave me money which I used to cover various set-up and running costs including rent, insurance, the website, and IT equipment. I also had fantastic support from my business adviser, Chris. He knew the answer to every question, always listened and understood what I was saying. Running your own business can be very isolating, but having the support there made sure I didn’t feel alone.”

Two years on, Lina has worked with a range of clients helping them through issues including depression, work stress, smoking cessation, weight management, phobias, and pain management. One notable success was helping a client regain their ability to taste and smell having lost it five years ago!

Lina’s approach to hypnotherapy involves putting her clients into a light trance, similar to meditation. She then regresses clients back to the origin of their issues, helping them confront and overcome their challenges. Sessions can be held both in person and virtually to fit around clients’ busy schedules.

Lina describes the first year running her own business as, “one of the best periods in my life. It was like a real-life dream! I was able to choose when and where I worked and help people in need.”

Recently however, Lina has seen a reduction in business due to the current challenging economic climate. She has adapted to this by expanding her practice to deliver group hypnotherapy workshops and taking on some part time work at a charity.

However, Lina plans to return to doing hypnotherapy and running her own business full-time in the near future. As she puts it herself, “once you taste that life you don’t want to downgrade!”

Lina is a true inspiration! Her story, from suffering chronic pain to becoming a thriving businesswoman, should give others in a similar situation hope that they also can aim high and achieve their goals.