Trade tariffs and migration

The Home Office has created an Employer Toolkit to equip businesses with the tools and information to support EU citizens and their families to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme.

The official trade tariff look-up tool enables businesses to look up commodity codes to classify goods for import and export so you can:

  • Fill in declarations and other paperwork
  • Check if there’s duty or VAT to pay
  • Find out about duty reliefs

The Department for International Trade has now published details of tariffs that will apply to imports in the event of a no-deal Brexit. Click here. The full Tariff Reference document, listing every tariff is here.

Exporters who are struggling to find the information they need can contact the Department for International Trade directly through its EU Exit Enquiry Form.

In the event of the UK leaving the UK without a withdrawal agreement, trade with the EU – and other countries with which the EU has trade agreements – will be subject to World Trade Organisation tariffs. Details here.

The Government is hoping to roll over many existing trade agreements between the EU and non-EU countries so that they continue to apply to the UK after Brexit. To see how this is progressing, click here.

The EEF’s Brexit Toolkit (you must register to use it) is designed to help businesses deal with trade and migration issues arising as a result of Brexit.

The self-audit trade tool delivers a report to help you plan for the cost of trading with the EU after Brexit.

There is also a migration section, which helps businesses future proof their workforce against new legislation and settlement rules.

You can find out the:

– tariff code of your product
– duty amounts of the components or finished items bought or sold
– options available to colleagues who have migrated to the UK and implications for UK workers posted to the EU
– practical guidance for employers relating to EU workers and their rights to work in the UK
– an easy to understand report of cost implications and operational considerations when importing or exporting
– relevant, timely guidance, created by experts with vast experience in a range of related fields