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Mentoring pilot programme now extended

Following a very successful pilot programme, we’re now looking to recruit our next cohort running from September to February – we can support 14 businesses through our next programme at a cost of £895 +VAT. Our pilot programme saw a range of different sectors supported from food & drink, to tourism, to professional services and adult care. 

Why should I consider working with a mentor? 

The role of a mentor is to encourage the personal and professional development of their mentee by sharing their knowledge, expertise and experience. The mentoring relationship is built on mutual trust, respect and communication. It involves both parties, meeting regularly to exchange ideas, discuss progress and set SMART goals for further development. 

A mentor is a sounding board, a critical friend who provides ongoing, personalised guidance, is non-judgmental, supportive, challenging, a catalyst for ideas and a confidant – they have your interests at heart and will provide a safe, confidential space for you to talk about your business, giving you time to think about your business rather than always fighting fires within the business. Working with a mentor also takes away the isolation many small business owners feel and gives you the support needed to move your business onto the next level. 

What did our mentees say? 

“Having Gail as my mentor made a huge impact on my business. Having her support, encouragement and advice was fundamental to the success of  Scar Gallery.” Lorraine Connaughton 

“Business mentoring has been so useful in helping me shape, structure and timetable key goals and in assisting me to hold myself to account for delivery. I’ve benefitted from being able to bounce ideas and perspectives around to reach conclusions and intentions that I know are thought through. I’ve also really enjoyed it.” Julie Haywood 

“As a new startup founder, I found the mentor scheme invaluable for clarifying my business goals and navigating the challenges of growth. My mentor, Gail, provided exceptional support and guidance throughout the process. Gail’s wealth of experience and fresh perspective challenged my initial assumptions, introducing ideas I had never considered before. Her insights helped me develop and refine my thoughts into actionable plans for future implementation. One of the unique aspects of our startup, Queen Accountancy, is that it was founded by a mother-daughter team. Gail’s expertise was particularly helpful in addressing the challenges of maintaining a healthy work-family balance in this context. The mentorship experience not only provided valuable business advice but also offered a supportive environment for personal growth and problem-solving. I highly recommend this mentor scheme to other startup founders. It offers a rare opportunity to gain personalised insights from experienced professionals, which can be transformative for both your business and your approach to entrepreneurship” Helen Queen 

“I found the mentoring scheme really useful. It provided our small business with an opportunity for external eyes to analyse our operation. Jacqueline proved to be a superb mentor and we will likely continue our mentorship post this program. I would recommend to any business seeking a fresh perspective. It has been a value brainstorming space where we fished for new ideas and business ventures.” Tom Kitching  

What did our mentors say? 

“I view Mentoring not as just achieving your business goals but working with you to achieve your life goals as well. It was lovely to work with one of  my clients, whose business has grown 20% in the last 6 months and that she could now go on holiday and know someone else was dealing with those pesky, but important emails. She just turned off her phone and continued to relax. As a Sole Trader and Business Owner, you are never really away from work, but if you can delegate some of your work to other people, in this case a VA, then gaining that hour of downtime can make all of the difference. 

Another of my Mentees was re-opening an Art Gallery with a new cafe. Through the 6 months, she broke her femur, and had to look after an older relative, but by working with her and providing a sense of calm in the storm, she opened the beautiful  gallery & cafe with a high profile artist and is seeing great results in just 2 weeks. 

I am really looking forward to working with a set of new business owners to enable them to grow their businesses and create a better work/life balance.” Gail Gravett 

“It was a joy working with our mentees who took the mentoring process really seriously. It is always rewarding to support mentees as they navigate the opportunities the business journey throws at them.” Keith Jackson  

We’ll be sharing more details and testimonials in the next few weeks but anyone interested in being part of our next cohort should send the below information to 

  • Confirmation you can commit to the six meetings, one a month September through to February 
  • What you are looking to achieve by working with a mentor 
  • Your key objectives to achieve by February 25 

All mentor profiles can be viewed here