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Useful information, resources & available funding…. July update

Update on the Food Data Transparency Partnership (FDTP)

The Food Data Transparency Partnership is continuing to work towards generating positive change in the food system through better and more transparent food data.
On 13 July, the FDTP Design Partnership Group (DPG) met for the third time to receive updates on the progress of the Health, Eco and Data working groups, and discuss the challenges experienced across the food and drink sector in relation to the measurement and communication of Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions.
The Eco Working Group, led by Judith Batchelar OBE (Environment Agency Non-Executive Director and former Director of Brand at Sainsbury’s) and Karen Lepper (Deputy Director for Food Standards, Data and Sustainability, Defra), has met monthly since March 2023 to develop proposals for a more consistent approach to measuring and communicating scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions in the food and drink sector. The topics explored by the working group so far include potential reporting mechanisms for scope 3, differences between company and product level standards for GHG emissions accounting, and the key data issues which currently prevent consistent scope 3 emissions reporting. The next DPG meeting will focus on the emerging recommendations from the Eco Working Group.
The first meeting of the Health Working Group will take place today, co-chaired by Susan Barratt, (non-executive and former Institute of Grocery Distribution, Chief Executive Officer) and Natasha Burgon (Director for Diet, Obesity and Healthy Behaviours Directorate, Department of Health and Social Care). The membership of this group is comprised of sixteen industry representatives from across the food and drink sector. The group will develop recommendations for a mutually agreed set of health metrics for large food and drink companies that support companies to voluntarily report in a consistent way with metrics that incentivise and more effectively measure progress towards improving the healthiness of food and will enable.

Consultation: Plastic Packaging Tax – chemical recycling and adoption of a mass balance approach

The Government has published a consultation exploring the application of a mass balance approach to determine the amount of chemically recycled plastic in a plastic packaging component for the purposes of the Plastic Packaging Tax. The consultation will be open for responses until 10 October 2023.

CMA updates on action to contain cost of living pressures in groceries sector

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has published an initial update on its ongoing work to tackle cost of living pressures in groceries with the publication of two reports: an assessment of retail competition in the groceries sector and a review of unit pricing practices across major retailers.
For more information, read the corporate report here.

Action on preparing for drought must remain, experts warn

The National Drought Group has reiterated the importance of continuing to work together to prepare for all weather eventualities and future droughts.
As many parts of the world experience extreme heatwaves and severe drought, the Environment Agency confirmed it will continue to prepare for all weather eventualities for the rest of summer and autumn.

Government sets out adaptation programme to tackle climate impact

The UK Government has unveiled its third National Adaptation Programme (NAP3) outlining how it will protect infrastructure, promote a greener economy and ensure resilient food production.

Major business leaders join PM’s new Business Council to turbocharge economic growth

A new business council has been appointed by the Prime Minister to report from the business frontlines as the Government continues to boost stability and growth in the UK economy. Fourteen business leaders from a range of sectors across the UK economy have joined the council. The council will support the delivery of the Prime Minister’s priority to grow the economy and make the UK the best place to do business, by discussing ways to boost investment, innovation, and access to skills and talent.

Independent review into labour shortages in the food supply chain

John Shropshire OBE has published the Independent Review into Labour Shortages in the Food Supply Chain. The Review has been compiled and analysed by John and his expert panel over the past 10 months. The review provides recommendations to help the government and industry continue to tackle the issues related to labour shortages in the food supply chain.

New regulations to promote fairness and transparency for dairy sector

The government has outlined more detail on regulations set to come into force later this year, which will ensure supply contracts in the dairy sector are fair and transparent, with farmers being paid a fair price for their produce.

SACN statement on processed foods and health

The Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) have published a position statement on processed foods and health.
This statement:

  • evaluates existing classification systems of processed foods, including ultra-processed foods (UPF) and the NOVA classification;
  • evaluates the suitability and methods to apply food processing definitions as a dietary exposure;
  • considers the availability and quality of evidence associating different forms or levels of food processing with health outcomes.

Government seeks views to improve hedgerow protections

Consultation launched to help meet commitment to support farmers to create or restore 45,000 miles of hedgerows by 2050. The consultation on Protecting Hedgerows closes on 20 September.