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Prime Minister hosts festive street market to showcase British Businesses

On 30 November, Downing Street was transformed into a festive street market to showcase businesses from across the UK. The Prime Minister was joined by the Chancellor, as well as business and industry leaders and trade envoys, to show their support for up-and-coming British businesses. The event was also to mark Small Business Saturday on 3 December, which marked its 10th anniversary this year.

Maria Whitehead of Hawskhead Relish was in attendance and was able to speak to the Prime Minister and took the opportunity to present Rishi and his wife with a selection of Hawkshead Relish goodies and chatted with them about current export market opportunities and her coming trip to India in 2023.

UK leads the way on ending plastic pollution

The Environment Secretary has started talks with businesses, environmental groups, scientists and civil society on shaping a legally-binding global treaty that aims to end plastic pollution by 2040.

Sustainable Farming Incentive – you can apply today!

You can apply for the Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) at any time. SFI, which launched in June, pays farmers for actions they take (going beyond regulatory requirements) to manage their land in an environmentally sustainable way. Actions will be grouped into simple packages set out as standards, to make it as easy as possible for farmers to identify the actions that are best suited to their land and their business. All farmers currently in the Basic Payment Scheme, Countryside Stewardship & Environmental Stewardship are able to apply for SFI through the online service and in automating these applications, it means that we can offer agreements faster than ever before.

Grow your Business in New Markets

Whether you’re interested in selling internationally for the first time, or an experienced exporter, support from the UK Government’s Department for International Trade (DIT) can help your business to grow in new markets. Go online and visit to:

  • Create your own export plan online
  • Identify high potential markets for your products and services
  • Access free online lessons to build your knowledge on selling internationally
  • Search and apply for live export opportunities
  • Explore e-commerce options and support to sell online
  • Explore finance and insurance options
  • Access the Export Support Service and get answers to your questions

Extended Producer Responsibility

If you are affected by the new Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for packaging, we ask you start to collect the correct packaging data from 1 January 2023​.
We have published new guidance on ‘how to collect your packaging data for EPR‘. This is for UK organisations that will be affected by Extended Producer Responsibility for packaging.
Webinar recordings to explain the EPR requirements from 1 January 2023 are here:

Use this link to subscribe to EPR newsletters and view the latest update online.

DWP Manufacturing Vacancies Filling Drive

Find a job is the government’s internet jobs board which brings together employers and their vacancies with people who are looking for work. It’s free to use for employers based in England, Scotland and Wales. It is self-service, available 24/7, and can be accessed at a time that suits employers in terms of creating and managing their job advertisements. It is presently being used by 135,000 private and public sector employers and it has 750,000 registered jobseekers. There were over 30,000 job applications made on Find a job in the last week. A series of guidance videos are available online.
DWP is embarking on a concerted drive to fill manufacturing vacancies. Manufacturers who are struggling to fill vacancies should list them on Find a job, then send the links to Work will be undertaken to link you to the local Jobcentre(s) for them to help you fill your vacancies.

Fisheries and Seafood Scheme (FaSS) funding panel dates announced for 2023

The Fisheries and Seafood Scheme (FaSS) offers grant funding to support food producers across the catching, processing, and aquaculture sectors in England. Focused on helping projects that will boost business resilience and increase sustainability across our world-class fishing industry, this phase of the scheme offers £18 million of funding until March 2025.

More details can be found here

Farmers given support to tackle water and air pollution from slurry

Farmers in England will soon be able to apply for grants of up to £250,000 to improve their slurry storage, helping them to prevent water and air pollution and make the best of their organic nutrients.

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