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Lancaster University masters students offer market research to businesses

Businesses in Cumbria can benefit from the talents and skills of masters students this summer.

Hundreds of businesses across the UK have already taken up the opportunity, which sees a small team of Lancaster University Management School (LUMS) students design and carry out a consumer insight project for the business, under the supervision of an experienced academic.

The project benefits businesses and students. A bespoke, original piece of research is carried out for each business – designed to address a specific issue that the business faces – while the Masters in Marketing students involved gain valuable experience of working on a ‘real life’ consultancy project.

There is no cost to the business other than any out-of-pocket expenses.

LUMS Company Projects Manager, Jennifer Peasnell, said: “After such a turbulent year, many businesses are focusing on recovery and getting back on their feet – but the pandemic has exposed how quickly markets can change and how agile businesses need to be to respond and take advantage of new opportunities. While money and resource is so tight for many companies, dedicated expertise to further competitive advantage is invaluable.”

The student projects take place from mid-May to July 2021 and could focus on something pertinent to the business.

For example, students could research a potential new product line or market sector; analyse how technology could influence the buying process; could measure brand awareness or impact; review a company’s marketing communications or develop a digital marketing strategy.

The project culminates in a final presentation and report with findings and recommendations to feed into the business’ marketing strategy, while students use their findings to write their dissertations.

Jennifer continued: “The offer is open to organisations of all sizes and sectors, including retail and charities, and provides an ideal opportunity to work with a small group of talented and highly-motivated students from one of the UK’s top business schools.

“Our projects cover many aspects of marketing and are especially good for exploring new and emerging markets or testing out current marketing assumptions and possible future trends.”

Applications from businesses that wish to get involved with this year’s Masters projects need to be submitted by March 26. Places are limited so interested businesses are urged to register early to avoid disappointment by contacting Jennifer and the team on