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Roots of Life Events

As the world grows more chaotic, many people are starting to return to their roots and find local wellbeing and holistic practitioners to help with the modern day stresses of everyday life.

Roots of Life, Wellbeing Events are brought to you by Deborah Brookes, who has been soulfully inspiring and connecting the like-minded and the curious to invest in their wellbeing since starting her business in June 2017.

At the Roots of Life Events, you will find a kaleidoscope of authentic and passionate local wellbeing therapists and practitioners from across South Cumbria.

When attending these events, bring with you an open mind and a readiness to transform as you wander through the beautiful stalls. From crystals to oils, from healers to readers, from artists to crafters from Yoga to Tai Chi, Reflexology to Massage. You are promised to find something truly authentic and fitting to you. Deborah Brookes the Founder is a giver, an advocate for Charity and now so is the wonderful events that she stitches together with love.

You will find many organisations being supported through the soulful work of this unique and eclectic gathering of people. Roots of Life events run them across South Cumbria and North Lancashire. The next event being at The Forum in Barrow on Sun 10th Feb from 10.30 am – 4.30 pm. You can also, join us at the Psychic Night with Marilyn at The Forum on Fri 8 Feb.

Roots of Life will not only have a range of stalls to browse, but a whole day filled with free inspiring and informative talks on an array of well-being topics and mini treatments to sample on the day. Therapists will be available for taster treatments and full treatments and they will be able to offer advice on many health-related subjects. Many therapists will be local so that you may continue to see them for follow up treatments in your local area.

We want you to have a lovely day out at a place that you can find peace, love & wellbeing. somewhere you can come along with a friend or on your own to relax and re-charge your batteries.