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Newton’s Cradle

Digital marketing strategy, driven by the desire to deliver the best service, sums up Newton’s Cradle. Newton’s Cradle has been the result of several successful collaborative digital marketing projects. These combined website design, search engine optimisation and online presence management over the 2 years prior to the launch of this venture. It was a developing concept in both directors’ minds, even before they began collaborating and has been brought to fruition in 2018. The core team of Chris and Ray share a passion for delivering a top class digital marketing service and they have shared values and work ethics. Chris and Ray, both bring expertise in their specialist areas of web design and SEO respectively. The service is supported by a select group of trusted associates. Combining this great range of capabilities allows Newton’s Cradle to take on client digital marketing campaigns of varying magnitudes and we look forward to helping your business achieve your digital marketing goals, in a manner consistent with your overall marketing plan and business ethos.