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ML3 Technical Services Limited

ML3 Technical have an outstanding record in food safety, quality assured policies and documentation alongside providing the best food safety consultants in the sector. We are here to bring simplicity to your food production business ensuring your compliance and due diligence, using the most cost effective and time sensitive methods so your valuable time and resources can be spent developing and growing your Food Business.

ML3 Technical offers a wide range of Food Safety consultancy services enabling your business to meet its due diligence requirements and ultimately gain consumer confidence. Our available support services include:

Food Safety Management Systems: Identifying hazards, identifying and monitoring critical control points, setting up and monitoring procedures and standards, taking corrective actions, developing your HACCP record keeping systems and gaining HACCP verification.

Farm Assurance Scheme support: Supporting vegetable growers in gaining access to major retailers and their buying platforms through valid Farm Assurance Schemes.

Food Safety Audit Support: On-site support to adhere and maintain the principles set out in your Food Safety management system.

Online Food Safety Support: Providing online guides, documentation, basic business forms and access to online question guides.