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Eden CBT

My name is Laura Lockhart and I offer private CBT and EMDR in Penrith and Kendal.

I have worked as an occupational therapist, psychotherapist and clinical supervisor in the NHS for over 40 years and also in private practice. I originally trained as an occupational therapist and have worked in a variety of mental health settings. I completed my CBT training at the Cognitive Therapy Centre in Newcastle in 2000 and my EMDR training in 2002.

I have extensive experience helping people work with their emotional difficulties such as depression and anxiety problems.
I  receive regular clinical supervision and ensure that I continually  develop my practice and skills by keeping up to date with developments  in both CBT and EMDR.
I  adhere to the standards and code of conduct of the BABCP including  safeguarding and managing personal data and boundaries of  confidentiality.

Professional Qualifications:

Diploma in Occupational Therapy
Post graduate Diploma in Cognitive Therapy – University of Durham
MSc Professional Health Studies – University of Leeds
Post graduate Diploma in Clinical Supervision – University of Derby.

Professional Accreditation:

BABCP Practitioner Accreditation  BABCP Clinical Supervisor Accreditation