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Cumbria Innovations Platform

The Cumbria Innovations Platform aims to help boost economic growth in Cumbria, by providing small and medium enterprises with a competitive edge. It will allow you to explore new ideas with practical and academic guidance. This platform is unique and diverse in its offerings as it combines the capabilities of various departments from the universities of Lancaster and Cumbria. Engineering, Management, Chemistry, Physics, Computing and more pull their capabilities together to enable multifaceted, tailored business support.

Support is available in the four following formats with eligible businesses accessing any or all aspects of the programme that suit their needs:

Innovation Workshops:
Discover and explore ways to innovate through a series of practical workshops provided by Cumbria University. The workshops are designed to help businesses gain knowledge and skills to navigate their way through innovation from concept to commercialisation. Not only will they equip businesses with the necessary skills needed for today’s competitive market, they can act as a pathway to further business support from Cumbria University.

Innovation Development Programme:
This is a 6-month peer-network programme for Cumbrian based SMEs where business leaders explore and test opportunities, challenge each other, and gain the tools and knowledge needed to accelerate innovative business ideas. Each cohort brings together a trusted group of business leaders with different skills, knowledge and experience to develop fresh perspectives. Learn tools and techniques to accelerate the development of market opportunities and the commercialisation of new products/services. Next cohort starts October 2018.

Unique Facility Access:
Exploit your potential with access to facilities, expertise and knowledge from the Science and Technology team at Lancaster University. Develop your business through specialist equipment and laboratories supporting growth and equipping your business for the future through the departments of Engineering, Chemistry and Physics. The collaboration of these departments is what makes this a unique opportunity for your business. Our experienced team will work with you to understand your needs and identify the right facilities to enhance your progress.

Digital Product Design:
Access the expertise of Lancaster University’s Computing and Communications team to develop your business through digital products and services. Our team will listen to your challenges, help develop your concept and explore its implementation. This process may use a combination of resources and technologies and where appropriate, the process will include software development and the linking of software components to produce prototype systems for evaluation and feasibility assessments. Our team can deliver and manage bespoke consultancy projects of varying length.