Construction of a new 31.6 km below ground water pipe

Project to construct a new 31.6 km below ground water pipe (aqueduct) to transport the raw water from Thirlmere to the new water treatment works.

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· The construction of a new water treatment works, located off the A595.
· Two new service reservoirs – one at Moota Hill and another at High Leys.
· New pumping stations at Harrot Hill and High Leys.
· A network of new water pipes to help distribute treated water from the new water treatment works to Quarry Hill, Summergrove, Kelton Fell and Stainburn.
· Refurbishing existing water pipes
· South Egremont new boreholes

During the construction phase (estimated 2018 to 2022) the project will be employing in the region of 500 people throughout the supply chain, with approximately 200 of those being local.

Will you be sourcing supplies locally?

Materials such as quarried stone, concrete and cement will be sourced locally as well as local supplies of engineering equipment.

South Egremont new boreholes

There are five boreholes which are linked to Ennerdale Water Treatment Works via a new 13km pipeline.

Our work also included new pumps and treatment units at Ennerdale treatment works

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