Complete the Brexit jigsaw

The Government has set up a ‘Prepare for EU Exit’ website to help businesses and the wider public prepare for Brexit.

To access the advice for businesses, click here.

There are sections on:

  • Employing EU citizens
  • Importing, exporting and transporting
  • Operating in the EU
  • Regulations and standards for products and goods
  • Using personal data
  • European and domestic funding
  • Intellectual property
  • Energy and climate
  • Public procurement

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has produced a leaflet providing signposting advice and key considerations that SMEs may need to undertake for EU Exit. The digital version is here.

Lloyds Bank has put together Brexit FAQs in response to questions raised by its business customers. Topics covered include business strategy, operations and business practices, supply chain management, financing and investments.

And the Institute of Directors has published a list of 10 things directors should consider next in terms of Brexit planning. Click here.