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CranstonsCranstons have been synonymous with quality meat products in Cumbria for over a century. But even the most well-known family businesses can benefit from a brand make-over, as MD Philip Cranston explains:

“We felt our historic branding no longer reflected the business we are today and it was time to review our brand and strategy.”

The company approached the Growth Hub for advice and was able to secure a £2000 subsidy towards the brand review. This was facilitated by Colin Cheyne, one of the Growth Hub’s specialist advisers.

The Growth Hub has ensured that our rebranding project will be a success.

“Colin was quick to identify that a root and branch review was a major undertaking and would need handling by a specialist agency to see the project through.”

Every element of the Cranstons brand is being updated, from vans and uniforms to shop layouts and product packaging, a process that will take around two years to complete.

“The advice and support we received from the Growth Hub have reassured me that the rebranding exercise will underpin our quality message and positioning. I’m confident our customers will embrace our philosophy of great products, value and service.”

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