W&F Green Enterprise Hub

W&F Green Enterprise Hub Grant Scheme

The grant programme is now closed until May 2024.

Due to high demand, over half of the funds have been allocated in January and February 2024. We now wish to pause to give businesses an opportunity to take advantage of our one-to-one support to help refine their low carbon investment plans. Please contact the helpdesk (greenhub@cafs.org.uk) to access the support available.

Much of this demand has been for solar PV panels. In order to support as many applicants as possible with the remaining funds, when the grant programme reopens, the amount of grant available for solar panels will be capped at £5,000, with 30% match funding required.


W&F Green Enterprise Hub grant application

Grants are available to support the installation or implementation of carbon reduction practices, which include activities and/or the purchase of equipment and capital works that will support the decarbonisation of your organisation.

The scope can include the reduction in greenhouse gases from any source, including, but not limited to energy use, transport, resource consumption and the embodied carbon on goods and materials, and waste.

Grants are available up to £10,000 – grants up to £3,000 require no match (we pay the full 100% of costs), grants of between £3,000 to £10,000 are 70% funded through UK Shared Prosperity Funding with 30% match from the business.

There are 43 grants available, 13 up until 15th March 2024 and a further 30 up until 31st December 2024.

The following types of activities will be supported:

  • Training and coaching (excluding that which is already subsidised through this programme)
  • Accreditations
  • Research and development
  • Consultancy advice, audits and surveys

The following types of equipment and capital work will be supported:

  • Renewable energy technology (such as solar panels, solar thermal and associated electrical battery or heat storage)
  • Improvements to the thermal fabric of buildings (for example, additional insulation and window thermal upgrades such as double, triple or secondary glazing)
  • Transition from fossil-fuelled to electrical heating and fixed equipment
  • Energy efficiency upgrades to lighting and electrical heating and fixed equipment
  • Improvements to building energy controls
  • Upgrades to electrical infrastructure and metering, including electricity grid upgrade and connection fees associated with installing low carbon technology (such as EV charge points or solar PV panels)
  • Equipment to support reduction in resource consumption
  • Equipment to support waste reduction


  • Internal staffing costs
  • Electric vehicles charge points
  • Electric vehicles

Applications are now open – download the application form and guidance notes below:

W&F Green Enterprise Hub Grant Application

W&F Green Enterprise Hub Grant Guidance

The process is really straightforward and all submitted applications should be sent to info@cumbriagrowthhub.co.uk