e-Exporting Programme


e-Exporting programme

An e-marketplace is an online location that provides a platform for businesses of all sizes to sell through e-commerce. Popular e-marketplaces include Amazon, Tmall and eBay, with at least 400 e-market places operating worldwide.

By selling through an e-marketplace UK companies can:

  • find new customers
  • analyse data on what consumers are searching for
  • build awareness of their brands

What are the benefits

Join DIT’s e-Exporting Programme to:

  • meet with an e-Exporting adviser to discuss export plans
  • receive help and advice on building your online and e-commerce presence
  • increase the reach of your brand globally
  • identify new e-marketplaces around the world
  • set up on e-marketplaces quickly
  • attend events and webinars about retail/e-commerce opportunities

If you’re looking to sell online for the first time, you can also get help with:

  • trademark registration
  • website URL registration
  • landed cost calculation
  • packaging, shipping, payment
  • tax registration
  • marketing and related services

More help with exporting?

To access or find out more contact Catherynn Dunstan at:

Email: Catherynn@cumbriachamber.co.uk

Tel: 0844 257 8450