Improving Your Business

Improving Your Business

Defence and Security Accelerator

The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA), Delivered by, finds and funds exploitable innovations for a safer future, welcoming ideas from innovators large and small, while providing support to those who have not previously worked with Government.

We uphold a critical link for defence and security innovations to pull through quickly and effectively, keeping the UK ahead of the threats it faces by maintaining strategic advantage through the most innovative capabilities in the world.

To do this, DASA works collaboratively with government, industry and academia to identify ground-breaking ideas that will solve contemporary problem sets, while working to ensure that new ideas can be developed and integrated into front line services.

DASA has a wide remit across all of defence and security and we are interested in all fields of science and technology, better ways of working, better services, or any innovation that will make defence and security more effective

We fund innovation through two main mechanisms, the Open Call for Innovation and Themed Competitions.

Open Call for Innovation

The Open Call is open to innovators with good ideas for defence and security, offering suppliers the unique opportunity to submit their ideas to defence and security stakeholders.

We welcome innovations that address any defence challenge, or innovations that address security challenges where there is a relevant security Innovation Focus Area (IFA).

It is open for proposals all year round, with assessment dates scheduled across the year. We will gauge end users’ interest, then assess and contract the very best of these ideas.

Themed Competitions

Themed Competitions offer innovators the opportunity to submit proposals around specific government areas of interest, thereby driving the development of technologies that address pre-defined challenges in national security.

Themed competitions may only run for a short time and have set closing dates.

Want to get involved?

The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) has a team of regionally based Innovation Partners, who are available to give advice to suppliers about their ideas and how they can best engage with DASA. Contact your DASA Innovation Partner today.

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