Improving Your Business

Improving Your Business

Better Business for All

Better Business for All (BBfA) is a programme developed by the government to help businesses understand rules and regulations that apply to them. It brings together businesses and regulators in local partnerships to identify the issues facing local businesses and provide support to them. BBfA aims to make a positive impact by improving the way regulations are delivered and received.

Cumbria Business Growth Hub is an active partner in Cumbria’s BBfA group and is involved in many beneficial and informative workshops that aim to support local businesses to comply with regulations in place in order to help businesses grow.

You can watch a recording of the Reopening Safely webinar here:

The Cumbria BBfA group has been given a highly commended award for their Reopening Safely Clinics. In April 2021, BBfA hosted a ‘Reopening Safely’ webinar which helped business look at how to reopen safely and what regulations were in place after the easing of the first lockdown.

Recently, the BBfA group also hosted a Food Labelling and Allergens awareness webinar brought about by Natasha’s Law:


This page will be regularly updated to showcase the support on offer for Cumbrian businesses.