The One Page Marketing Plan

Not having a marketing plan is one of the key things small businesses get wrong in their marketing.

This series of videos show you how to create a simple yet effective marketing plan.

Scroll through the videos using the green arrows.

1: Introduction to the One Page Marketing Plan
2. Defining Your Offer & Clarity of Benefits

This video gives you some insight on how to define your products and services and explains why you need to be crystal clear about your benefits.

3. Your Target Audience

The more your know about your target customers, the easier it is to sell to them. This video explains why.

4. Routes to Market & Your USP

There are multiple ways to reach your target customers.

This video outlines some of the different options. It also looks at the importance of differentiating yourself from your competitors.

5. Crafting Your Message

Once you have clarity on what you’re selling and who you are selling to, you need to decide what you need to communicate.

This video explains the value of spending time crafting the right messages.

6. Strategy & Tactics

In essence strategy is about deciding how you plan to meet your marketing goals and tactics are the actual day to day activities you select to get the job done.

This video explains what you need to know.

7. Budget & Resources

This final video in the One Page Marketing Plan series explains the importance of planning your time, money and people resources.