Digital Tech Cumbria

Businesses that effectively adopt digital technology typically grow 30% faster and are 20% more profitable. But many SMEs and microbusinesses aren’t making the most of digital opportunities and need help to make the right moves and changes.

That’s where Digital Tech Cumbria comes in.

The programme is designed to help businesses harness the benefits of digital technologies by providing free advice and practical help to improve productivity, profitability and performance.

Janet Addison is the programme’s Business Development Manager based in Cumbria: “Digital Tech Cumbria recognises that business owners and managers have plenty of reasons for postponing digital change. Time is limited, even if they can see that time could be saved. Money is tight, especially after lockdown, even if they realise there are cash savings to be made. And the range of digital challenges is huge so it’s hard to know where to start. People are wary of taking the wrong direction and wasting time and money to no effect. If you then add the challenges of rural broadband speeds and cyber security and threats, there’s no wonder that taking the safe option of doing nothing seems attractive.”

If you’re in this situation, Digital Tech Cumbria answers these challenges:

  • Working 1-2-1 with an expert adviser helps you to prioritise and gives you the reassurance that you’re tackling the right issues. It can also mean that you have practical support in changing things, developing digital marketing or automating your processes.
  • Learning from webinars or more extended masterclasses gives you the information and vocabulary that you need for research and decision-making so that you can have confidence when choosing marketing channels, suppliers, equipment or software.
  • And the webinars, masterclasses and 1-2-1 support are all free as Digital Tech Cumbria is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

“We’re also working with partners like Connecting Cumbria and Eclipse Office Technologies in Carlisle,” says Janet, “to find ways of making broadband improvements to grow businesses. Digital Tech Cumbria can work with you to review and adopt new technology approaches that will improve your network connectivity. It’s not easy but working together is having an effect in terms of broadband speeds for several rural businesses.”

So far, feedback on Digital Tech Cumbria’s combination of 1-2-1 support and online training has been well received.

“Digital Tech Cumbria has really helped us enormously.” Heather Cockett Phillips of West Point House – find out more at

“I’ve been learning digital marketing from scratch … the Digital Tech Cumbria support has been invaluable.” Kathreen Burns, Dandelion and Hoglet Cottages – see video at

“I can highly recommend the Marketing Masterclass course delivered by Digital Tech Cumbria. The sessions were hosted by a highly experienced and knowledgeable expert through bitesize sessions over a short period of time which fitted well around my business schedule. I was inspired by the course and have taken away some really useful information which I’m keen to implement into my own marketing strategy.” Michelle Harkness, Ad Hoc Personal Assistant

Digital Tech Cumbria still has several months to run but, to make the most of the programme, getting involved now could have real benefits for your business. You can find out more and express an interest at or call Janet Addison on 07946 720752.

Digital Tech Cumbria is delivered by Winning Moves, a consultancy that specialises in performance improvements through digital developments, research and evaluation. With a Business Development Manager based in Cumbria and a network of advisers, many of them also based in Cumbria, Digital Tech Cumbria is funded by the European Rural Development Fund (ERDF).

You can find out more about the scheme here: