Traditional Marketing

Making More of Traditional Marketing Tactics

Once you’ve developed your marketing strategy you then need to think through the tactics that will be most effective at getting your message out to your target groups.

Traditional marketing tactics, used in a strategic and targeted way, can generate excellent results

Think carefully about the mix that’s right for your customers – and don’t be afraid to experiment!

Direct mail is a proven method of marketing and you can send your messages directly to a highly targeted market.

Postcards are sometimes more cost effective to produce and distribute than large direct mail packages.

You’ll find that offering an incentive for people to respond and making it as easy as possible makes a real difference to response rates.

If you’re looking to broadcast to a wider business to consumer market, and for some business-to-business, then you should think about radio advertising or TV commercials. You might be surprised how cost effective this can be!

If your business is selling to other businesses then simple telemarketing can be very effective. Take care to follow legislation on who you can call.

For some businesses, classified ads can be a very effective form of marketing that can be used to reach different demographics or people in defined locations.

You could, for example, consider placing an ad in a local newspaper if you’re trying to reach a local market, or in a trade magazine if you’re targeting a particular business sector.

Access free on-line tools to help you develop your business at a time and place convenient to you!

You should also make the most of PR and let the local, regional and any relevant trade press know your stories.

Newspapers and other trade publications need your stories so whether you’ve developed a new product, or simply expanded your business, you should let them know.

Look out for relevant events you could attend to network with others and let them know about your business.

There may be the opportunity for exhibitions or sponsorship so contact the organisers and how you can get involved.

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