Employing People

Trade unions and workers rights

Includes industrial action and recognising trade unions.

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The rights of trade union reps

Rights to paid time off for union reps, shop stewards, health and safety or learning reps or other union officials

Employers: preventing discrimination

Discrimination policy and equal opportunities in the workplace – sex discrimination, disabled workers, older people, compulsory retirement

Retirement age

Default retirement age has been phased out – most people can work for as long as they want to but some employers can set an compulsory retirement age

Being taken to an employment tribunal by an employee

Employer guide to employment tribunals – the hearing, your responsibilities, compensation and appeals

Agricultural workers’ rights

The rights of agricultural and farm workers – including pay rates, agricultural minimum wage, overtime, holiday leave, rest breaks, help and advice

Being monitored at work: workers’ rights

Employers might monitor workers, but if the monitoring involves taking data, images or drug testing they have to do this in a way that’s legal and fair

If your business faces industrial action

Strikes and industrial action – rights and responsibilities for employers, when unions can take action and the effect on employees’ pay and working records

Personal data an employer can keep about an employee

Personal data an employer can keep about an employee, and employee rights to see this information under data protection rules

Pregnant employees’ rights

Legal rights for pregnant employees – including paid time off for antenatal appointments, maternity leave and pay, protection against discrimination and telling the employer about the pregnancy

Reasonable adjustments for disabled workers

Employers must make reasonable adjustments to make sure disabled workers aren’t seriously disadvantaged when doing their jobs

Recognise or derecognise a trade union

As an employer, find out about the voluntary and statutory processes for recognising or derecognising a union

Recruitment and disabled people

Avoiding discrimination against disabled people in recruitment – advertising the job, encouraging applications, reasonable adjustments, work choice programme

Training and study at work: your rights

Time to Train – the legal right to request time off for training or study while in a job

Working with trade unions: employers

Working effectively with trade unions; collective bargaining and agreements, informing and consulting, union subs, the check off, political funds, union reps

Workplace bullying and harassment

What to do about bullying and harassment at work – the law, action employees can take and advice for employers about their responsibilities

Your rights if your employer is insolvent

If your employer is ‘insolvent’ this means it can’t pay its debts – your rights if this happens, claiming money owed to you, where to get advice.

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